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hi birb. how Approache birb so do not scare?


SLOW, with a food.


Galaxy Pillow

This black, organic cotton pillow features several stars and constellation seen in our nighttime sky. Crafted by hand, this pillow will grant starstruck dreams. Sold on Etsy.



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Karen Gillian at the European premiere of “Guardians Of The Galaxy” at The Empire Leicester Square on July 24, 2014




thank you! :D

i likeautumn replied to your post: the evolution of my hair before bed la…

i live that kind of life, too

you’re way more hardcore though because you actually live this. my hair is usually has just a sliiight wave to it but i braided it really tightly before work yesterday so that’s why that happened when i brushed it out

amazingspidersam replied to your photo: “the evolution of my hair before bed last night: helena bonham carter >…”:
Your hair is so lONG
i swear it’s growing like six times faster than usual idk what’s happening
maybe because i’ve been drinking so much more water lately and now it’s like a weed or something and it’s just gonna grow exponentially

still the girl who’s waiting for her A necklace and i guess i should probably order seamed stockings now since fanexpo is a Thing that is Happening and i’m planning on doing kissogram pond because OF COURSE I AM

obviously hair and makeup and red nail polish will be done for the real thing but i’m going to work in half an hour so this was just a quick test with the belt i picked up today

also i’m wearing the boots because the shoes that i specifically bought with this cosplay in mind are in ottawa because i didn’t think i would need them anytime in the foreseeable future ha ha ha (and i mean i did kind of buy these boots with amy in mind, plus there was a life-size cardboard cutout you could buy once upon a time where she’s wearing them with the kissogram outfit so they still work)

(exhibit A)

not doing all the police accessories though because i do not have the financial resources at the present (i mean i DO but i am Saving them for Actually Meeting Karen Gillan) so maybe someday but not this day

but yeah here’s a cosplay update no one asked for

"No actor can play a villain if they don’t sympathise with him or her, otherwise the character just becomes a two-dimensional caricature." -Katie McGrath



the evolution of my hair before bed last night: helena bonham carter > hermione > merida, apparently








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